Do you use liquid or granular material in applications?
We use granular fertilizer and insecticides and liquid herbicides to control weeds.

Are products safe for people and pets?
  While we have never had any of our customers or their pets have ill affects after an application, we do ask that both stay off of the lawn until liquid products have dried.

How soon after an application can I mow?
As soon as the product has been watered in you can mow. If you have to mow before water is available, wait 24 hours and do not bag the clippings.

When is the 1st application?
Depending on the weather it is usually March of April.

How will I know you have done an application?
We will leave a stake in your lawn and a detailed description of the work perfermined and an invoice in your door.

Do I need to renew my services every year?
No, we will continue your same services until you tell us otherwise. We will also send out a letter in late winter reminding you that we are about to get started.

Why is my sumer application more expensive than the others?
This application consists of grub control and fertilizer, making the product more expensive.

How do I pay my bill?
You can pre-pay for the year’s service when you receive the late winter letter, call for the total along with your discount. You can send a check for the invoice left in your door or you can visit our website and pay online.